ActKPI Sense

Stop, start and run quantities are automatically and accurately detected by the ActKPI SENSE system which can be retrofitted to existing production equipment.

ActCollect tablet in use

Operators record reasons for stoppages with a single touch of an Act Collect tablet screen. A bar code reader is built in for accurate job number entry. Free text can be typed in for quality and other information.

Sensors are connected to an ActKPI Box that automatically transmits up-to-the-minute run times and quantities to a central server via an ethernet network.

Factory data recorded for analysis
Up-to-the-minute data is recorded and processed on an Act Base SQL database. Data from other open systems can be imported and exported to produce combined cost and job progress reports.
Supervisors and engineers are alerted on mobile Act View tablets within minutes of unplanned production stoppages.
Act Run charts
Act Run Charts show up-to-the-minute run speeds and down-times for each process on PCs or large displays anywhere in factory or offices.
Operators and staff can regularly review productivity ActKPI Charts and reports to identify process improvements.
Operators viewing data

"The Act SENSE system enables us to increase productivity and maintain supply of our cost saving products for the NHS."

– Ronnie Blair, MD, Jones & Brooks Ltd

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