Act Collect

Act Collect is the data collection element of the ActKPI solution. Your operators use our robust, easy-to-use tablets to log all of their activity. The software itself is intuitive and requires little or no training. Each activity is logged by your operators with a few simple taps.

The Tablet

Robust Case

A robust, rubber case keeps your devices safe.

Customisable activity buttons

The activity buttons are tailored to your particular process.

Rechargeable interal battery

A high capacity, rechargeable battery provides all-day battery life.


The tablet transmits its data wirelessly via your existing WiFi networks.

Data transmission

Data is transmitted directly to Act Base when the WiFi connection is live or stored until a connection is available.

Current job status

Display shows current job totals for quantity planned, made and wasted.

Easy Setup

Entering operator name, work centre (machine) and job numbers is fast and accurate using drop-down lists.

Scan Job Numbers

Job numbers can be read through a barcode reader built into the tablet’s camera. ​

Record Production KPIs

Recording production run times, down time  quantities made, material used, waste and other details.

Simple to use

Using the Act Collect tablet is quick, simple and intuitive. The touch-screen buttons are large and clear which ensures that errors are kept to a minimum.


Activity button names, colours and functionality change automatically according to the settings for each work centre. Separate down-time reasons can be selected for different machines.


Tablets are robustly protected from harsh shop-floor environments in rubber, splash-proof cases. The screens are protected with replaceable, clear plastic screens to protect them from scratching. 

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