ActKPI Core

The core ActKPI offering with data captured by machine operators on tablets.

Act Collect

Act Collect is the data collection element of the ActKPI solution. Your operators use our robust, easy-to-use tablets to log all of their activity. The software itself is intuitive and requires little or no training. Each activity is logged by your operators with a few simple taps.

Act Base

All of your process’ data is sent wirelessly to an SQL database. Data is stored in an easily accessible spreadsheet-based system allowing for easy export.

Act Charts

See the full productivity picture with Act Charts, a comprehensive package of ready made charts, enabling you to identify productivity and cost improvements. Tailored to your organisation and processes, Act Charts gives you deep insights into your production processes and highlights recurring issues.

Act View

A tablet that allows managers and supervisors to view processes.

"Active Data Metrics systems have enabled us to compare actual production times against estimates to accurately measure and improve profit margins."

– Kathleen, RPD Ltd, Dublin

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