Jones & Brooks Ltd increase productivity 18%

Jones & Brooks Ltd increase productivity 18%

Based in Rochdale, J&B Ltd has been in business since 1877.

Owner managed, the company has survived and thrived during recent decades of economic instability by developing specialist printed products for international healthcare organisations.

Product innovation increased demand

With new product development J&B Ltd managers foresaw the need to significantly increase production capacity. Factory space for new  equipment is limited and overhead costs must be controlled so increasing productivity of existing processes was the best option.

ActKPI SENSE drives productivity and capacity increase

Recording machine run time, down-time, run speed and material use is key to identifying productivity improvement opportunities. Hand-written time sheets were time consuming, inaccurate and difficult to keep up to date. Managers sought an alternative solution using
Industry 4.0 technology.

The ActKPI SENSE system was specified and retro-fitted to existing production equipment. Production managers can now see up-to-the-minute, accurate production time, down times, run speeds and waste. They can also monitor job progress against targets.

Within days of implementing the ActKPI SENSE system J&B Ltd managers identified simple improvements to reduce lost time, increase run speed and reduce waste.

“The ActKPI SENSE system enables us to increase productivity and maintain supply of our cost-saving products for the NHS”    Ronnie Blair MD